Cholangiocarcinoma of the metachronous left hepatic duct after ampullary carcinoma

A 62-year-old patient with known ampullary carcinoma, on whom we performed a cephalic duodeno-pancreatectomy 5 years ago, has now been diagnosed by cholangio-endoscopy with cholangiocarcinoma of the left hepatic duct, for which we performed left hepatectomy complete resection of the common bile duct and a dextro-cholangio-jejunostomy. 74 months after the first surgery and 20 months after the second surgery, the patient shows no signs of relapse.

(A: AH left- left hepatic artery, AH right- right hepatic artery, AH – hepatic artery; B: Appearance after common hepatic duct resection with right hepatic duct highlighted; C: Appearance of dextro-cholangio-jejunostomy; in the 4th image: resection piece)