Echogenic interventional techniques. Clinical applications of ultrasound.

During the days of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hațieganu Cluj-Napoca, yesterday morning, Head of the proceedings Dr. Adrian Bartoș together with Asist. Univ. Dr. Andra Ciocan organized the workshop “Clinical applications of ultrasound on the surgical ward and in the operating room“. This event is designed with an introductory session with theoretical presentations and then a practical application session, with over 50 students attending the two sessions.

The practical part consisted of diagnostic ultrasounds on ecomodules and exercises of echogenic interventional techniques on simulators (biopsy punctures, percutaneous drains). With the support of EDUSON, the event was broadcast live on the educational platform

The event was organized with the support of UMF Iuliu Hațieganu Cluj-Napoca, UMF Cluj-Napoca Days and Octavian Fodor Regional Institute of Gastroenterology-Hepatology.

The event partners were SonoSurg, Numeris Medical and EduSon Medical.

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