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In a first for Cluj-Napoca, pancreatic tumours, whether cancerous or non-cancerous, can be removed minimally invasively through robotic surgery using the Da Vinci Xi robot. At Medicover Hospital Cluj, a team led by Dr. Adrian Bartos – a qualified doctor of medical sciences, primary physician in general surgery with super-specialties in oncological surgery, hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery, offers this treatment solution for patients diagnosed with tumours located in the pancreas.

Benefits of robotic surgery

This innovative approach uses small incisions of about 8 mm and the precision offered by the daVinci Xi robotic device ensures extremely safe surgery with minimal post-operative pain and rapid recovery. This brings a number of significant benefits to patients facing pancreatic tumours, helping to improve quality of life and prognosis.

Malignant tumours of the pancreas – a case in point

A recent patient, diagnosed with a malignant tumour in the pancreatic body, benefited from surgery performed by the team led by Dr Adrian Bartos. In this procedure, the team was able to remove two-thirds of the pancreas (the body and tail of the pancreas) as well as the spleen, due to its close proximity to the tumor. Thanks to daVinci Xi robotic technology, the affected pancreas and all surrounding lymph nodes were removed entirely using only a few small incisions on the patient’s abdomen. As a result, the patient made a rapid recovery and was discharged just 4 days after surgery.

Advantages of robotic surgery

Dr. Adrian Bartos underlines the importance of this technology for patients, saying, “We are pleased to offer our patients this state-of-the-art, high-performance treatment. The applications of robotic surgery are maximized in patients diagnosed with pancreatic tumors, with the precision of dissection and the increased three-dimensional visualization offered by this technology ensuring optimal oncologic outcomes.”
Moreover, when pancreatic, digestive or biliary reconstructions (anastomoses) are required, articulated robotic instruments, directed by the console surgeon, allow them to be performed quickly, accurately and safely in a minimally invasive manner. The reduced manipulation of tissues and organs in the abdominal cavity, characteristic of robotic surgery, ensures reduced post-operative pain, quicker resumption of eating and bowel movements, all of which result in a faster recovery compared to laparoscopic or “classic” surgery. Robotic surgery is definitely the present and the future of cancer surgery and beyond, with all the advantages it brings to the surgical procedure and patient prognosis.

The innovation of robotic surgery in treating pancreatic tumours is a significant step forward in the medical field. The benefits of this technology include small incisions, rapid recovery and minimal post-operative pain, all of which contribute to improving patients’ quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is daVinci Xi robotic surgery?

A: daVinci Xi robotic surgery is an advanced surgical technique in which the procedure is performed by a robot controlled by a surgeon using a special console.

How safe is robotic surgery for the treatment of pancreatic tumours?

A: Robotic surgery to treat pancreatic tumours is considered safe and provides optimal oncological outcomes.

How does patient recovery after robotic surgery compare to that after conventional surgery?

A: Patient recovery after robotic surgery is faster and less painful compared to traditional surgery.

Who is the right candidate for robotic surgery for pancreatic, liver or gastric tumours?

A: Suitable candidates for this procedure are patients diagnosed with pancreatic, gastric or liver tumours.

Where can robotic surgery for pancreatic tumours be performed?

A: Robotic surgery (DaVinci Xi robot) for pancreatic tumors is available at Medicover Hospital Cluj, under the direct coordination of Dr. Adrian Bartoș.

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