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Laparoscopic vs robotic resection

Outcomes of laparoscopic versus robot-assisted resection of T4 rectal cancer: a correlational analysis of propensity scores from a national cancer database

Article source: British Journal Surgery(



T4 rectal cancer is a challenging condition because of the highly invasive nature of the tumour which can compromise Ro resection. The present study aimed to evaluate the outcomes of laparoscopic versus DaVinci robot-assisted resection of non-metastatic T4 rectal adenocarcinoma.


This was a retrospective propensity score matching analysis using the national cancer database between 2010 and 2019. Patients with non-metastatic pathologic T4 rectal adenocarcinoma who underwent laparoscopic or robotic DaVinci resection were compared and propensity score matching analysis was performed in a 1:1 fashion. The main outcome measures were conversion to open surgery, mortality, readmission, resection margins and overall survival.


DaVinci robotic resections of T4 rectal cancer were associated with a significantly lower conversion rate and shorter length of hospital stay than laparoscopic resections. The two approaches were comparable in terms of positive resection margins, short-term mortality and readmission.