DaVinci robot – minimally invasive surgery

View the full interview with Chief of Works Dr. Bartoș – a qualified doctor of medicine with the main topic of minimally invasive surgery and the advantages of using the DaVinci Xi robot. You can view the full interview by going to the youtube link or you can read more information about robotic surgery – DaVinci Xi Robot by visiting our dedicated page on this topic, advanced surgery.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery: the DaVinci Xi robot revolutionizes medicine

The Amazing Precision of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery, via the Da Vinci Xi system, is bringing a revolution to the medical world. One of the most significant advantages of this technology is the breathtaking accuracy it offers. The system’s robotic arms are capable of executing incredibly precise movements in a way that would be impossible for the human hand to replicate. This level of precision means more accurate dissections with less tissue damage, which translates into shorter recovery times for patients and fewer post-operative complications.

Minimal Incisions for Faster Recovery

Another great innovation brought by robotic surgery is the possibility to perform surgery with much smaller incisions compared to traditional open surgery. This not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the procedure, but significantly reduces the risk of infection and vicious scarring. Patients who choose robotic surgery benefit from a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Advanced Three-Dimensional Visualization

The DaVinci Xi robot not only offers precision, but also advanced three-dimensional visualization for the surgeon. The robotic arms are equipped with high-definition cameras that provide an enlarged, three-dimensional image of the organs. This allows the surgeon to observe minute details even more than would be possible with the naked eye or laparoscopy. This improved visualization plays a crucial role in making accurate decisions during the procedure, thus contributing to the success of the surgery.

Advanced Technical Assistance

In addition to precision and advanced visualisation, robotic surgery offers another significant advantage: advanced technical support. The surgeon operates the Da Vinci Xi system from a special console, with full control over every movement of the robotic arms. This level of control allows complex interventions to be carried out more safely and efficiently.


In conclusion, robotic surgery using the Da Vinci Xi system is the future of medicine. Incredible precision, minimal incisions, advanced 3D visualisation and state-of-the-art technical support completely transform the way surgery is performed. Patients benefit from faster recovery times and fewer complications, while surgeons can perform more precise procedures than ever before. With the DaVinci Xi robot, the future of medicine is NOW!

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